How to Get Better Results with Pendulum Dowsing

In this free mini course you will learn how to get better results when using your pendulum.

You can easily increase the accuracy and reliability of your pendulum dowsing by becoming aware of a few basic concepts.

If you want to get better at dowsing and feel like you can trust your pendulum this free mini course is for you.

Course curriculum

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    How to Get Better Results with Pendulum Dowsing

    • Introduction to "How to Get Better Results with Pendulum Dowsing"

    • Two Practical Tips to Get Better Results When Asking Questions with Your Pendulum

    • Common Pendulum Myths That Get in the Way of Success

    • Final Thoughts to Help You Use Your Pendulum to Improve Your Life

    • Reinforce Your Learning

What people are saying about Dr. Hunter's courses

"The course was amazing. Your explanation of the concepts were crystal clear and I loved the clarity I received." Thirumalesh S

"Dr. Hunter, I really want to thank you for this course. I have been using it more and more every day now for my clients and friends. And day by day in every way my results are getting better and better."- Ron D.

"I hadn't planned to finish the whole course in one morning but I just couldn't stop myself. So much information I wanted to soak it all in. I'll definitely be revisiting this a few more times."- Danielle


  • Will this course help me to trust my pendulum again?

    Yes. I have found that common mistakes and misconceptions about pendulum dowsing result in people doubting the results they get with their pendulum. By making a few simple modifications to your approach you are likely to get more reliable results.

  • Is this course free?

    Yes it is free. I get so many questions about pendulum dowsing that I decided to make a mini course and share it freely with you and anyone who wants to know my views.

  • Do you provide a handout?

    A detailed course handout with instructions and a dowsing chart is provided.

  • When does the mini course open?

    Right now. Just click the "Get started now" button and you can begin studying the free mini course and in a very short time improve your pendulum dowsing skills.

Get Better Results with Pendulum Dowsing

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