Color Healing with Pendulums

Tap into the Power of Color!!!

Colors can promote wellness and healing. In this course we are going to explore of the use of color for Pendulum Healing and teach you easy to follow protocols to tap into the healing power of color. The result will be that you can skillfully send color energies with your pendulum to positively influence any situation requiring healing. 

You will learn both simple and advanced techniques. The course is open to anyone and requires only that you know how to send a pendulum healing command, dowse a semi circle chart and that you have at least one high vibration healing pendulum.

Benefits of the Course

Save time by quickly learning the best methods of sending color with your pendulum.

Save money by getting all the essential information you need in one convenient place. You do not need to buy additional courses or books. Everything you need is included in the course.

Experience improved well being using the color healing method that you will learn.

Meet Your Instructors

Erich Hunter helps empower people to improve their lives and experience more joy, health and abundance by using their pendulums.

He is the author of several books on Pendulum Alchemy & Healing and is a designer of high vibration pendulums.

Kathy Waits helps empower people and their animal companions to heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually to experience happiness, improved health and spiritual connection.

She uses several modalities including channeling with healing angels, quantum touch breathing techniques and pendulum commands using color life force energy. She is a certified Emotion/Body Code practitioner, Pendulum Healer and animal communicator.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Color Healing with Pendulums

    • Welcome to Color Healing with Pendulums

    • Overview of Color Healing with Pendulums

    • Method #1 (Basic ) Sending Color/Energy Until You Get to Blue Green

    • Method #2 (Basic )- Sending the Color/Energy That is Needed.

    • Method #3 (Basic )- Combining Color/Energy with Pendulum Commands

    • Determining What Color/Energy to Send

    • Method #4 (Advanced )- Combining Color/Energy with Emotional Healing

    • Method #5 (Advanced ) Light Color/Energy of Your Pendulum.

    • Method #6 (Advanced )- Mixing Colors & Using Non-Colors to Modulate Color Effect.

    • The Theory of Color Healing with Pendulums

    • Color Healing with Pendulums Review

    • Your Success Stories & Next Steps


  • When is the course open for study?

    The course is open now. Please sign up to begin.

  • Can I study it at my own pace?

    You can study it 24/7 any time you want and there is no deadline to finish it.

  • Does it come with handouts and instructions?

    Yes. Everything in the teaching videos will be summarized and presented on detailed handouts you will get with the course. The handouts have valuable information not found anywhere else. They are awesome and valuable and you will love them and find them to be incredibly useful.

  • What are the prerequisites?

    The course is self contained. The only prerequisites are that you can send a basic pendulum command, dowse a chart, and that you have a high vibration healing pendulum to use for the color healing. You can take my free courses on Get Started with Pendulum Alchemy if you want to learn how to deliver a pendulum command. You can learn dowsing by taking my free course on How to Get Better Results Dowsing or the course Effective Dowsing. You can find pendulums perfect for this work on my website. The only supplemental courses you may find useful are Effective Dowsing and Universal Pendulum. These courses are not required however and the content of this program is different from those courses. They do compliment each other however.

"Color healing seems to work really fast.  I can see results with difficult cases and feel I'm doing some good." -Kathy Waits

Are You Ready to Use Color to Take Your Pendulum Healing to the Next Level?

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Pendulum Healing is not a replacement for standard medical care. Always get treatment by licensed medical professionals for all health issues and do not rely on pendulum healing alone.