Effective Dowsing


Get Better Results from Your Pendulum Dowsing

Do you ever wonder:

"How can I become better at using my pendulum to get accurate information?"

"Is there a more reliable way to get information with my pendulum than using Yes/No statements, or a letter board?"

Wonder no more. The answer to how to use your pendulum to get more accurate information is provided in this course.  

We call it "Effective Dowsing"


Quickly pinpoint the source of problems to rapidly find solutions.

Make informed decisions, and avoid problems, by reading the energy of potential choices and their outcomes.

Obtain greater awareness to live a better life by knowing how to read the energy.

The New System for Dowsing Success

This course will help you quickly learn how to get accurate information using a simple system based on color.

You use your pendulum to read the energy of a statement or question instead of relying on your unconscious, or spirit guides for answers.

Here are some results people have had

"We had noticed that one of our cats had been losing weight but when I checked his general health he was good. I was working on him but it didn't seem to be helping him gain weight. He has never been a big eater but lately, he was only picking at his food. It didn't occur to me at the time to check the energy of his food.  After getting him a better quality of food I compared the two brands. The original food energy was Gray (Energy of illness) and his new food is Blue Green (Energy of ideal health). When I asked: What is the energy if Rumples eats the old food?" The outcome was Dark Red (Energy of dying). Poor baby, I don't think he was getting any nutrients. Needless to say, he is enjoying his new food. It's only been a week and he looks and feels so much better.  I will be checking everything from now on. Thank you!!"- Clarissa B.

"The course effective dowsing is great. I use the information all throughout the day. It added confidence to the dowsing results I never had before. It is well worth the value. I am looking forward to the second effective dowsing class." -Jan M.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Effective Dowsing

    • Welcome to the Course

    • Background Information Needed to do Effective Dowsing

    • How to do Effective Dowsing

    • Issues You May Encounter

    • Examples of Effective Dowsing

    • Closing Thoughts on Effective Dowsing

    • Effective Dowsing Review


  • I don't trust my pendulum anymore. Will this program help?

    Yes absolutely. I was a real skeptic of dowsing and got mixed results until I started using this system.

  • I am new to dowsing. Can I take this course?

    Yes. This is a great way to learn how to do pendulum dowsing because you will start off getting better results than if you do simple yes no dowsing or use random charts.

  • Do I need a special pendulum?

    You need a pendulum that moves easily when you hold it. This is because your hand is what causes pendulum movement and if it doesn't move easily you won't get good results. So make sure you have a pendulum that starts moving easily when you hold it.

  • Is this course pre-recorded?

    Yes. All the lessons are pre-recorded and you can watch it at your convenience.

Are you ready to get accurate information from your pendulum?

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"This system of dowsing is so incredible. I wasn’t going to get into dowsing because I didn’t feel the “yes” or “no” answers were helpful.  I felt like I would either be happy with the answers or disappointment and that was it.  This system gives you much more to work with.  I can use this on anything I wonder about or even question. Got a manager’s meeting coming up and was wondering if I should speak up about a few things or keep my mouth shut. Now I have help figuring that out. Thanks so much for developing this system!" Sherrie D.