Channel the Power of the Equinox

Would you like to learn how to use your pendulum to channel the force of the Equinox to improve your health, wealth, relationships and spiritual practice?

Are you interested in learning how to align with the dominant energies of the equinox to maximize your magickal power?

If the answer is yes, then Equinox Magick with Pendulums is for you.

1) Quickly learn powerful methods to get better the results with your Pendulum Alchemy and feel satisfaction.

2) Experience improvements in your health, wealth, relationships & spirituality to enjoy life more.

3) Learn secret knowledge to feel the pleasure of intellectual stimulation.

Course curriculum

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    Equinox Magick with Pendulums

    • Welcome to Equinox Magick with Pendulums

    • What Is Equinox Magick with Pendulums

    • The Theory of Equinox Magick with Pendulums

    • Magick Power of the Equinoxes

    • Determining the Equinox Force Needed

    • Using Pendulum Commands to Invoke the Power or Force of the Equinox

    • Aries Equinox Pendulum Alchemy Commands

    • Aries Equinox Magick Activity

    • Libra Equinox Pendulum Alchemy Commands

    • Libra Equinox Magick Activity

    • Equinox Magick with Pendulums Review

    • Thank You

Benefits of Working with the Equinox

Since ancient times the equinoxes have been recognized as sources of magick power.

The Great Pyramid of Giza has perfect alignment with the equinoxes, as does Stonehenge, and the Mayan serpent temple of Chichen Itza. The equinoxes were important  times for pagan cultures in Europe to perform vital ceremonies.

The spring and fall each represent different aspects of a powerful cycle in nature that causes shifts and changes of reality to occur. Our ancestors realized they could use this cycle to cause changes and empower magickal operations.

In this mini course you will learn how to use your pendulum to channel the power of the equinoxes to make what you want to have happen more likely to occur.

Benefits of the program include: 

Improvements in your health, finances, relationships and spirituality via the use of your pendulum and the forces of the equinox.

Satisfaction that you know clearly what you are doing and how to direct these energies to make positive changes for the highest good of all.

More powerful results from your Pendulum Alchemy work.


  • I am a beginner. Can I take this course?

    Yes. I recommend you take my free course "Get Started with Pendulum Alchemy" first if you have never done Pendulum Alchemy before.

  • I am very advanced. Would I benefit from this course?

    Yes absolutely. I made the course easy enough that a beginner can do it, but if you are advanced you will find many deeper levels of potential application.

  • Will I get a handout and instruction

    Yes you get a detailed handout that includes includes instructions.

  • Can I watch it any time?


  • Can I ask questions if I need help?

    Yes absolutely. I will answer any questions you have to help you implement the method to your best advantage.

  • What does this course count towards?

    In regards to Pendulum Alchemy Certification this is a "Specialized Course" and fulfills that requirement.

Message from Erich Hunter

Thank you considering this course. I am very excited to bring this material to you, as it represents cutting edge knowledge in the field of Pendulum Alchemy. For several years now I have been unraveling the secrets of Alchemy to improve the method of Pendulum Alchemy and this course represents the culmination of my research on the equinox; which is a giant part of magick, religion and spirituality.

You are presented with a clear and easy to understand methods to channel the forces of the equinox with your pendulum in ways that are for the highest good of all.

I provide examples of how to do it covering the most common areas that you need support with in the areas of health, wealth, relationships and spirituality.

Thank you again and I witness you having great success with your pendulum and the power of the equinox.

Erich Hunter Ph.D.

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