Experience Optimal Energy Flow for Health and Wellness

Meridians are energy channels that run through your body and connect your vital organs to maintain your health and wellness.

They have long been recognized as the key wellbeing by Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

The ancient arts of acupuncture and moxibustion are based on treating the meridian system to promote health and vitality.

Pendulum Alchemists have discovered that pendulums can also be used to directly work on the meridian system resulting in an improved quality of life.

In this course, we teach you how to use your pendulum to energize your meridians to promote health and wellness so that you feel great.

People of any pendulum skill level can join. No knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine is required.

Benefits of Meridian Healing with Pendulums

Tune up your energy system and feel great!

Enjoy life more and live to your full potential.

Help those you love to heal more quickly and find relief.

Feel better today by taking your energy system to a new level.

Course Includes

24/7 online access

Detailed handouts

Direct contact by email to answer questions

Topic discussion in the course    

Course Participation Details

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The course consist of video mini lectures and a detailed handout with instructions.

You can study the course at your own pace and review the lessons as much as you want.

Message from Erich Hunter

Meridian Healing with Pendulums is an exciting new frontier for the Pendulum Alchemist. 

To develop this course, I have studied ancient Chinese texts and worked with four other incredible Pendulum Alchemists, three of whom are trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM, to develop the techniques and make them easy for you to use and get results.

If you are a total beginner, this course shows you methods that require no background knowledge and only basic pendulum skills.

If you are an advanced practitioner, or trained in TCM, this course will open new doors for you to deepen your practice and take it in exciting new directions. 

I look forward to sharing this course with you and I witness you having great success using your pendulum for meridian healing.


Erich Hunter Ph.D.

What People are Saying about Meridian Healing with Pendulums

“I really enjoyed learning about meridians and how to clear and balance them. It is full of different techniques that can help clear the blockages. My dog was itching his ears, which he often does, and whilst doing the session he fell asleep and the heat from his ears cooled down. Have to say it is a new favorite along with color healing.” Suzanne C. 

"I used my pendulum at 2am when I could not fall back asleep. After doing a few pendulum commands to the appropriate Meridian pressure points, I started getting sleepy immediately and slept with no problem the rest of the night. So happy this worked!" - Robin Schade

“Dear Erich, my nose continues to feel great. There is almost no pain, and the irritation on my skin rash is minimal now. The spread appears to have stopped. Thank you for the meridian healing.” – Andrea L.

“I am so impressed with all the work Erich has done on this class. I have studied meridians and love all the work he has done. His downloads are amazing. Thank you once again for a great class.” Ann W.

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