Get Better Results with Your Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are a tool for inspiration and self-reflection to help you gain insights into your health, career, relationships, or anything else you are interested in.

In this mini course you will be guided on how you can use your pendulum to get better results while doing readings with your oracle cards.

Topics Covered

This program is a recorded live event presented by Erich Hunter, Robin Schade and Clarissa Barraza followed by a Q&A with two oracle card reading experts.

What you get:

Step by step instructions on how to use your pendulum to enhance oracle card readings for yourself and others.

Pendulum commands and dowsing charts to assist you.

A beautiful note sheet to record information during your oracle card reading pendulum session.

Q&A with two professional oracle card readers where they answer your questions and share their wisdom on using oracle cards with pendulums.


  • When does the course start?

    You can study the course right now or at any time you like.

  • Do I need experience with either oracle cards or pendulums?

    You do not need any prior experience. The mini course is open to anyone who is interested.

Your Instructors

Erich Hunter helps empower people to improve their lives and experience more joy, health and abundance by using their pendulums.

Robin Schade assists people with communicating with loved ones who have passed so that everyone can find peace and happiness in this life and beyond. She is also an expert dowser and animal communicator who helps people find lost pets. For the last 6 years, Robin has been a moderator of the Pendulum Alchemy Facebook Group and she is a co-creator of the Effective Dowsing system and several other courses with Erich Hunter including Decision Making with Pendulums, Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Investigation, the Pendulum Mentoring Circle, among others and she has been actively involved in the fields of Pendulum Alchemy & Healing.

Clarissa offers high vibration healing sessions to help unlock your true potential by harmonizing your heart with your mind so that they work together to allow you to joyfully follow your Life Path and manifest your true desires.

With 28 years of experience as a professional massage therapist/healer, Clarissa blends her extensive bodywork experience with powerful intuitive abilities and the method of Pendulum Healing. She can help you resolve unresolved or buried feelings that are still registering at a cellular level to bring about profound transformation and a newfound lease on life.

Guest Experts

Marina Beech supports female entrepreneurs, impact leaders and creatives to reconnect to their divine soul gifts and clear past life karmic blocks, empowering them to experience deep transformational life and business breakthroughs.

She is a Soul Alchemist, a Spiritual Intuitive, Teacher and Channel who uses the Akashic Records and pendulum to support her clients discover their divine gifts and soul identity. When we know who we are at soul level we can realign our choices to create a more abundant life filled with joy, flow and possibility.

Constance Goh helps people to positively transform their lives with a combination of astrological readings, personalized flower essence blends, oracle card divination and pendulum healing. Her personalized intuitive sessions are perfect if you are looking for a uniquely different approach that will empower you to live a better life that you dream of.


Have a better life by improving the quality of your oracle card readings.

Save time by learning expert tips to quickly improve your oracle card reading skills.

Increase the flow of abundance and joy in your life with better guidance from your oracle card readings.

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