Learn the Secrets of Pendulum Alchemy

After years of investigating the secret teachings of the ages, I realized that Pendulum Healing is a part of the broader more inclusive discipline of Alchemy.

This is not just figuratively, but literally. If you study the text of the Emerald Tablet it becomes clear that the Alchemical formula described is a perfect description of Pendulum Healing.

In this course I will explain how Pendulum Healing is a form of alchemy and I will also show you how to use this knowledge to make your Pendulum Healing more effective.

Course Details

The course is pre-recorded and available to watch online right now until at least 2021.

You will get a detailed handout with notes from the course.

A certificate of completion will be awarded once you finish the course.

You can ask questions in the course and participate in course discussions.

Successful completion of this course counts towards the required prerequisites of the Pendulum Healing certification program.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Pendulum Alchemy

    • Welcome to Pendulum Alchemy & Course Handout

    • As Above So Below- Pendulum Alchemy Explained

    • Practical Application of Pendulum Alchemy

    • Pendulum Alchemy Learning Review

    • Course Survey

Benefits of the Course

Improve the quality of your life by making your Pendulum Healing more powerful and effective.

Save time by knowing a simple formula that tells you what approach to take with your Pendulum Healing in each situation.

Quickly learn long hidden esoteric secrets that will empower you to improve your personal life, relationships and finances.

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  • Is the course live? What time is it?

    For your convenience the course is pre-recorded. You can study it online right now and watch it repeatedly until at least 2021.

  • When can I begin to study the course?

    You can study it immediately. It is ready and waiting for you.

  • Are there any prerequisites for this course?

    This course is designed for both beginner and advanced pendulum users. Everyone who studies it will understand the concepts and benefit greatly.

  • Do I need a pendulum?

    You do not need a pendulum to benefit from this course. I do recommend, however, that if you wish to implement the teachings that you purchase a high quality pendulum which you can attain from my website: https://www.pendulumalchemy.com

  • Will I get a certificate?

    Upon completion of the course you will get a certificate of completion for the course.

What people are saying about Dr. Hunter's courses

"5 stars I will take this course several times. There is a lot of helpful information."-Janice H.

"As always, a wonderful breakdown of the information!   Love the way you pull ideas/concepts I've read/studied at different times from various resources and bundle it all into one jam packed lesson. Thank you for sharing you teachings, we all benefit from your work and lessons!"- Diane S.

"Dr. Hunter, I really want to thank you for this course. I have been using it more and more every day now for my clients and friends. And day by day in every way my results are getting better and better."Ron D.

"I hadn't planned to finish the whole course in one morning but I just couldn't stop myself. So much information I wanted to soak it all in. I'll definitely be revisiting this a few more times."- Danielle

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"An incredible course. Finally an explanation on the emerald tablet that makes sense for our modern world along with an explanation of correspondences which is understandable. This is a course to review several times since the applications are just about endless. Just prepare to be astonished at what good you can do once you practice this". - Sylvie R.

"Excellent and thought provoking. The first video is fascinating and the second one ties it all together with the pendulum. This course gives the healer more choices/thoughts on what types of commands to use based on what resonates with them." - Carol W.

"This course helped me to see how I can use my pendulum in ways I have never thought of before. This has opened my mind and broadened my perspective about the cycles of the sun and the commands that can be created in conjunction with those cycles."- Rosemary L.

"Great course conducted with precise material, clearly orchestrated. Thanks, Erich for your calm way of explaining Pendulum Alchemy and the way you make it so interesting.  It's clear that you have great knowledge about this subject."- Helen C.

"If you are just beginning or an advanced student of Pendulum Alchemy. This is a must! I was blown away by the layers of information and deeper understanding that Erich was able to convey. I will be using this information on a daily basis. Both personally and professionally.
With much Gratitude. Thank You!"- Clarissa B.