Become a Certified Pendulum Alchemist

Discover the life-changing power of Pendulum Alchemy with simple, yet effective techniques to unlock the incredible potential of your pendulum.


With the online Pendulum Alchemy Certification Program, you’ll gain the skills, experience, and credential of a professional Pendulum Alchemist – in just months!


Become a Certified Pendulum Alchemist to make a positive difference in your life and in the lives of others.

Why Get Certified?

Certification is the best way to quickly create a foundation for the mastery of Pendulum Alchemy.

Feel a sense of accomplishment by completing a Pendulum Alchemy certification training mentorship with Erich Hunter Ph.D..

Upon graduation, have potential opportunities for networking, collaborative projects and advertising to Dr. Hunter’s list to jump start your practice. Several certified Pendulum Alchemists have worked with Dr. Hunter and achieved success.

“Pendulum Alchemy certification has been a game changer in my energy work!   Before this course I tried to understand how to use a pendulum but once I saw him spin one of his custom pendulums (Cosmic Merkaba) I knew I needed to learn more from the best and get one of those gorgeous masterpieces! The course was easy and I loved that I could do it at my own pace since I have a very busy massage practice.“ - Darcy Ehli

About the Pendulum Alchemy Certification Program

The Pendulum Alchemy Certification Program is self-paced and expected to be completed within six-months or less.

During this highly valuable program you will:

Be mentored by Dr. Hunter to achieve success.

Identify a niche or area of expertise in Pendulum Alchemy with the assistance of Dr. Hunter. You will be 100% guided and supported with this.

You will get hands-on experience performing Pendulum Alchemy sessions and collecting testimonials. You will be guided in this process and it will help you build confidence and experience. 

You will develop your personal biography and “elevator pitch” with the assistance of Dr. Hunter. You can later use this as the foundation for a website, business card, brochure, book cover, podcast bio. etc. This will give you the ability to easily tell people “what you do” with Pendulum Alchemy work. It is the key to your success when networking.

“I can not recommend the Pendulum Alchemy Certification enough! For starters, the support you receive from Erich is exceptional. You will be fully supported your entire journey. The actual course is simply amazing . You will gain so much practical knowledge and confidence . Compared to how I use my pendulum prior to taking the course has grown substantially. I now use my pendulum everyday and in so many more different situations . What a gift to be able to help my family, friends and clients. Thank you, Erich, for making this program so informative and practical and for your ongoing support.” - Jodi Feeney

Overview of Your Certification

1) Sign up for the program.

2) Complete the following courses before starting your certification. Note if you haven’t taken these courses already you will get them free when you sign up. A value of $338USD. If you have taken them I will give you four free courses of your choosing to support you.

Required Courses

Chakra Healing

Emotional Healing

Color Healing

Time Machine Healing

Resonance Healing

Classical Element Healing

3) Identify a project with Dr. Hunter, complete the practice sessions and collect testimonials.

4) Create an elevator pitch and personal biography with the assistance of Dr. Hunter.

Congrats you are certified and you are now an expert in an area of Pendulum Alchemy. 

You have social proof that you are competent and know what you are doing. 

You can describe what you do easily to other people, so that you can network to achieve success.

You also now have the opportunity to be promoted by Dr. Hunter and potentially pursue collaborative opportunities that can jump start your practice and help it to grow over time.

About Your Certification Guide Erich Hunter Ph.D.

Erich Hunter Ph.D. is a leading expert in the rapidly growing fields of Pendulum Alchemy, Healing & Dowsing. He is the author of four published books on Pendulum Alchemy & Healing that have been translated into German, Mandarin and Spanish (i.e., Pendulum Commands Guide, Pendulum Healing, Pendulum Master, Advanced Pendulum Healing). He is also a dynamic instructor who has helped thousands of healers worldwide to enhance their abilities with the pendulum through his courses, books and Facebook groups. He also designs custom high vibration pendulums to help you get the best results from your pendulum sessions. His goal is to help as many people as possible to learn how to use their pendulum to positively influence their lives and the live of others in ways that are for the highest good of all.

“The Pendulum Alchemy Certification Program is much more than you can imagine! For me it has been an extraordinary experience that has challenged me in various ways to perfect my work with the pendulum and exploit everything its potential. I love Erich's teaching approach as it is very practical, clear and easy to understand. In addition, Erich and the group of colleagues are always willing to provide all their support and help throughout the development of the program. So if you want to learn Pendulum Healing without complications and witness its magic and amazing results, I highly recommend signing up for the program. It is a great experience that will add great satisfaction to your life. I am a witness to this and much more! Thank you very much Erich for contributing to my life with your support, help and knowledge. " - Rafa Martínez

“Erich’s explanation of the theory underlying pendulum alchemy is clear and concise. More than just an expert in the field, Erich is generous with his time and passionate about sharing his vast knowledge with the world. The lessons are structured in a way that are easy to follow, and we are always encouraged to tap into our unique zone of genius. Healing is a fusion of science and art, and PACP combines both effectively. The most valuable part of the program, is in its sheer simplicity. Anyone can apply few basic pendulum commands, and experience magick within days! That in and of itself makes the Program an investment worth a lifetime.” - Carrie Goh


  • I have already taken the pre-requisite courses.

    Great. You can start the program immediately. Also you can choose four other courses as a free gift to support your further studies of Pendulum Alchemy.

  • I am new to Pendulum Alchemy. Can I get certified?

    Yes. In fact it is a fast track to learning and I highly recommend it.

  • Will I receive support?

    Yes. You have one monthly 15- 30 minute zoom call as needed, and you can email me anytime for support.

  • Will I receive support during the program?

    Yes. You can post questions in the certification program page on Thinkific and you can email Erich Hunter as well. Also, you can request one 15-30 minute Zoom call with Dr. Hunter each month to support your progress in the program.

  • I am not a professional. Will this program help me?

    Yes. Even if you only do Pendulum Alchemy for yourself, or as a practice that is not professional, this program can help you a lot to gain mastery and become a better Pendulum Alchemist.

  • Can I modify the program to better suit my needs?

    Yes. Dr. Hunter will help you devise a customized version of the program if needed that can satisfy the requirements.

  • Can I take longer than six months?

    If you contact Dr. Hunter you can have extensions. The six month deadline helps you stay focused.

  • Once I am certified can I teach Pendulum Alchemy?

    Yes. In fact Dr. Hunter goes out of his way to support his students to teach and find success in whatever chosen field they pursue. He currently supports several certified Pendulum Alchemists to help them find success in life and business.

  • When can I begin my Pendulum Alchemy Certifcation?

    The program is open now. Once you have finished the prerequisite coursework you can begin.

“My experience with taking the Pendulum Certification course with Erich Hunter has been such a joy.  I have learned so much and feel that what I have learned I will use on a daily basis and feel it has already become a way of dealing with everyday life.  It's invaluable. Thank you, Erich, for always answering my questions, being available and going the extra mile as a mentor/teacher. You're the best. Thank you. " - Kathy Waits

A Message from Erich Hunter Ph.D.

I’m so happy that you are considering joining the Pendulum Alchemy Certification program. My goal is to help you achieve your dreams and help others through the power of Pendulum Alchemy. I look forward to supporting you on your journey!

Please reach out to me by email at if you have questions about the program. 

[email protected]

It is awesome that you are considering this program and I witness you having great success with your Pendulum Alchemy practice.

Sincerely, Erich

Are You Ready to Become a Certified Pendulum Alchemist?

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"I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in the healing arts. This certification is a very powerful creative program full of fun practical applications. I absolutely love interacting with other students. Erich is an excellent supportive instructor! I am so excited to move forward with my practice and in my own healing. I have gained confidence in my life and rekindled joy in my practice. Thank you Erich!" - Clarissa Barraza

“After signing up for Erich's program, I have a deeper understanding of  pendulum Alchemy. I now combine Pendulum Alchemy together with Spiritual healing for my clients, and it has a great effect on them. For the entire course, it is above the money value! Highly recommended!”Joyce Woon

While Erich Hunter can’t guarantee any specific results and the testimonials above do not constitute a warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of any individual using Pendulum Alchemy for any particular issue or problem, this is what others have reported experiencing. 

Certification Tuition Disclaimer: The Pendulum Alchemy Certification fee is nonrefundable. Payment does not guarantee you will be certified, as Erich Hunter reserves the right to certify or to refuse certification to any applicant for any reason. In order to be certified, you must successfully complete the certification requirements. You will be allowed six months (180 days) to complete all requirements. 

Earnings & Income Disclaimer: Erich Hunter makes no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience as a Certified Pendulum Alchemist. The following testimonials are exceptional results, which do not apply to the average practitioner and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.