Pendulum Alchemy with the Classical Elements

to Improve Health, Wealth, Relationships & Spirituality

Channel the Power of the Forces of Nature

Would you like to improve your Health, Wealth, Relationships & Spirituality using powerful forces from nature?

Do you want to learn the secrets of alchemy & magick to improve your life and the lives of those you love?

If you answered yes, then this mini course is for you.

1) Quickly learn powerful methods to improve the results of your Pendulum Alchemy.

2) Experience improvements in health, wealth, relationships & spirituality.

3) Learn secret knowledge to make your life better.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Pendulum Alchemy with the Classical Elements to Improve Health, Wealth, Relationships & Spirituality

    • Welcome to Pendulum Alchemy with the Classical Elements Course Introduction

    • Choosing the Correct Pendulum to Work With the Classical Elements

    • What Are the Classical Elements

    • Overview of How to Utilize the Classical Elements with Your Pendulum

    • Using Pendulum Commands to Invoke the Power or Force of a Classical Elements

    • Sample Pendulum Alchemy Commands for the Elements

    • Examples of Pendulum Commands for the Elements in Action

    • Balancing the Classical Elements of Your Home

    • Determining Your Personal Classical Element Balance

    • Classical Element Chakra Correlation

    • Time of Day

    • Magick Tools

    • The Theory of the Classical Elements in Pendulum Alchemy

    • Supplementary Content: Clarification about Water & Earth

    • Notes on the Five Phases of Daoist Philosophy

    • Pendulum Alchemy with the Classical Elements Review

    • Next Steps

    • Acknowledgements

    • Bonus- Color Correlation to the Elements

Benefits of Working with the Classical Elements

The classical elements are symbolic representations of powerful forces in nature that have been used by alchemists and magicians for centuries to make changes to reality and transform one thing to another in ways for the highest good of all. 

In this course you will learn how easily use your pendulum to do this to increase the chances of magic and miracles occurring in your life.

Benefits of the program include improvements in your health, finances, relationships and spirituality via the use of your pendulum and the forces of the classical elements.

Satisfaction that you know clearly what you are doing and how to direct these energies to make positive changes.

More powerful results from your Pendulum Alchemy work.


  • I am a beginner. Can I take this course?

    Yes. I recommend you take my free course "Get Started with Pendulum Alchemy" first if you have never done Pendulum Alchemy before, but even then you would easily understand how to do it.

  • I am very advanced. Would I benefit from this course?

    Yes absolutely. I made material easy enough that a beginner can easily start doing it, but if you are advanced you will find many deep levels of potential application that are mind blowing.

  • Will I get a handout and instructions?

    Yes you get a detailed handout that includes numerous examples of how to work with each element.

  • Can I watch it any time?

    Yes. You can study it any time you want. You can study it as much as you want.

  • Can I ask questions if I need help?

    Yes absolutely. I will answer any questions you have to help you implement the method to your best advantage.

  • What does this course count towards?

    In regards to Pendulum Alchemy Certification this is a "Specialized Course" and fulfills that requirement.

Message from Erich Hunter

Thank you considering this mini-course. I am very excited to bring this material to you, as it represents cutting edge knowledge in the field of Pendulum Alchemy.

For several years now I have been unraveling the secrets of Alchemy to improve the method of Pendulum Alchemy and this course represents the culmination of my research on the classical elements which are a giant part of classical alchemy, magick, astrology, etc.

You are presented with a clear and easy to understand method to channel the forces of these elements with your pendulum in ways for the highest of all.

I provide numerous examples of how to do it covering the most common areas that you need support with in the areas of health, wealth, relationships and spirituality. It is very natural fit because the classical elements directly correspond to all these areas.

Thank you again and I witness you having great success with your pendulum and the classical elements.

Erich Hunter Ph.D.

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