Pendulum Healing Certificate Program

Take your Pendulum Healing skills to the next level

  • Do you want to gain confidence while deepening your knowledge of Pendulum Healing?

  • Do you want to be recognized for having completed a Pendulum Healing certificate training program?

  • Do you want the opportunity to go in depth in a guided program that has built in structure and accountability?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Pendulum Healing Certificate program is for you.

Gain confidence & demonstrate skill

The Pendulum Healing Certificate Program is designed to help you build confidence in your Pendulum Healing abilities while giving you a feeling of accomplishment, along with proof that you have achieved mastery in this healing method. 

If you plan on teaching Pendulum Healing or offering it as a professional service this program is strongly recommended. 

If you want a structured way to quickly learn essential Pendulum Healing skills this program is for you.

What you can expect to experience in this certificate program:

  • Shift your understanding of what is possible with the power of Pendulum Healing
  • Apply your learning to real life situations that are meaningful to you
  • Have a sense of direction and focus in your study of the art & science of Pendulum Healing
  • Attain a firm grasp of how to make and implement powerful pendulum commands
  • Transform yourself into someone who has confidence and a firm grasp of the method and can use it on a daily basis to improve your life and the lives of those you care about

Overview of the Pendulum Healing Certificate Program

Step 1: Register for the program.


Step 2: Complete the three self-study modules of the Pendulum Healing Certificate Program & read the Pendulum Healing Commands Guide book.


Step 3: Participate in a final exit interview to demonstrate mastery of the content and then receive your certificate of Pendulum Healing.

Details of the program

Step 1: Register  

This is the most important step you can take because you are making a commitment to your development and growth as a Pendulum Healer. This step generates momentum and gets you on the path of self-improvement and mastery of the technique.

Benefits of the Program

  • Experience yourself as a powerful creator of your reality.

  • Demonstrate to others that you have successfully completed an in-depth training program offered by one of the leaders in the field of Pendulum Healing.


  • Gain the confidence and knowledge to offer Pendulum Healing services professionally, or expand your current offerings this can result in increased income and financial abundance.

Step 2: Complete the self-study modules of the Pendulum Healing Certificate Program

 These modules give you detailed instruction on what you need to learn and do to successfully complete the certificate program.


Erich Hunter is available for support and you will receive positive feedback from him as you successfully make your way through each module.

Module 1- The Practical Application of Pendulum Healing

In this module you will learn valuable Pendulum Healing skills* while applying them to real life situations.


Pendulum Healing Skills You will Learn:

  • Effective Dowsing (streamlined version)
  • Sending Energy
  • Simplified Emotional Healing
  • Making effective pendulum commands
  • Emergency commands
  • Important Pendulum Healing protocols for situations you will likely encounter
  • Chakra healing
  • Changing energy
  • Time Machine Healing
  • End of life healing

*Please note: if you have already studied these techniques in a course you can use this information as a refresher and also to get new insights. The practical part of the module involves applying these techniques to healing work.

Module 2- Create Your Own Pendulum Healing Protocol

You will pick an area of Pendulum Healing that you are passionate about and create a unique Pendulum Healing protocol. Instruction on how to do this will be provided in the course module.


This gives you a chance to develop your passion and interests by exploring how to apply Pendulum Healing to an area that is of great interest to you.


The creation of the protocol will help you feel a sense of accomplishment, build your confidence, and shift your beliefs of what is possible.


It will also be fun, engaging, and will put you well on the road to becoming a competent Pendulum Healer.

Module 3- Theory & Application of Pendulum Healing

This module will cover the theory of Pendulum Healing and how to apply It to your work. As you learn the theory, you will be asked to draw from real life examples based on your experiences in modules 1 and 2. This will help to ground the theory in reality and help you to really integrate it and make it your own.


Step 3: Final exit interview and receiving the certificate of completion for the program

 Once you have successfully completed the all the requirements of the Pendulum Healing Certificate program you will schedule one live online session with Erich Hunter Ph.D. to demonstrate your learning and to discuss your future plans with Pendulum Healing.


This will be a “low pressure”, non-stressful, friendly evaluation to determine if you are ready to receive your certificate. If more study or practice is required Erich Hunter will give detailed guidance on what to do so that you will succeed.


After successfully completing the exit interview you will receive your certificate of completion for the Pendulum Healing Certification program.

Finally, graduation provides you with the opportunity to be listed on my website.

This can lead to people finding your healing business and also demonstrates that you have successfully completed a training program in Pendulum Healing.   


  • How long do I have to complete the certification program?

    You can complete the program at your own pace. There is no time limit.

  • Is the program all online?

    Yes the program is entirely online.

  • Do I need to attend live sessions?

    With the exception of the final exit interview, you do not need to attend live sessions. You study the modules and practice any time you want day or night. It is self-study and self-paced. You will need to schedule one live session with Erich Hunter for the exit interview, but other than that you can do it all on your own time without needing to coordinate with anyone.

  • Will I receive support during the program?

    Yes. You will receive support to help you successfully complete the program. You can ask me questions and post group discussions in the modules. I will also give you feedback on anything you submit. Finally there is a very active private Facebook Group where you can get support from other people in the certification program including free healing help.

  • Can I teach Pendulum Healing with the certificate?

    Yes. Getting the certificate means you have achieved competency in Pendulum Healing and you can teach Pendulum Healing and people will know you have competence and training in the method. I strongly recommend that if you currently offer Pendulum Healing as a service, or if you teach it you should get the certificate.

  • Will there be a list of people who complete the certificate program?

    Yes. When you complete the program I will give you the option of being listed on my website. This way people can find you and contact you for healing work. It can also help people to find your website. This is really a great benefit.

  • Will I get to be a part of a community?

    Yes, once you successfully complete the program I will include you in a private FB group only for Pendulum Healing Certificate Holders. This way you can get to know others and network.

Benefits of the Program

Experience yourself as a powerful creator of your reality.

Demonstrate to others that you have successfully completed an in depth training program offered by one of the leaders in the field of Pendulum Healing. 

Gain the confidence and knowledge to offer Pendulum Healing services professionally, or expand your current offerings this can result in increased income and financial abundance.

After completing the program you have the potential to work with Erich Hunter on developing courses, holding workshops, writing books, while being a potential business referral partner and affiliate.

Are you ready to transform your life while helping others with your pendulum?

If yes, please register now.


5 star rating

Excellent advanced pendulum course!

Robin Schade

This program is the perfect program to build your skill as a pendulum master by learning the basics and being carefully guided to learn advanced pendulum tec...

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This program is the perfect program to build your skill as a pendulum master by learning the basics and being carefully guided to learn advanced pendulum techniques in a safe and supported group. Awesome course & love the feedback and encouragement of the other students!

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5 star rating

Create the alchemy you desire

Kirk Elliott

As an experienced dowser and energy healer, I came to this course with some knowledge and experience about pendulums in general and have used them to help ot...

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As an experienced dowser and energy healer, I came to this course with some knowledge and experience about pendulums in general and have used them to help others on many levels. This course opened much more possibilities and abilities that allowed me to expand my efforts for myself and others. Insightful instruction, personal attention from Erich in all the aspects you would expect and more and presented in a concise manner that is to the point and pertinent to the topic. Thank you Erich for this opportunity. I usually don't rave about courses like this, but it needs to be celebrated.

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5 star rating

I think anyone in this field or interested in this field ...

Nick Salzman

Very through and informative. The understanding of Pendulum Alchemy and accurate dowsing has been a real joy to implement in what I do.

Very through and informative. The understanding of Pendulum Alchemy and accurate dowsing has been a real joy to implement in what I do.

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5 star rating

This is excellent informative with practical use of pendu...

Syed Ajmal

I have learnt a lot and still learning from my great great respected teacher Dr Erich Hunter

I have learnt a lot and still learning from my great great respected teacher Dr Erich Hunter

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5 star rating


ann walsh

An excellent program.It has clarified a great deal for me as well as Teaching me new concepts

An excellent program.It has clarified a great deal for me as well as Teaching me new concepts

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5 star rating

Erich Hunter's Pendulum Healer Certification Program chan...

Lonette Trent

I have tried so many healing modalities and had so many teachers and Erich's Program is by far the best! He is a great teacher with a wealth of information. ...

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I have tried so many healing modalities and had so many teachers and Erich's Program is by far the best! He is a great teacher with a wealth of information. The course is self-paced and Erich as well as the other students are always there for support. He encourages the other students to practice with each other in order to feel comfortable with the material and can apply it in real-life situations. It has changed my life for the better and set me up for success. The Pendulum Healer Certification Program prepares you for success! Thank you Erich for this course and expanding pendulum healers throughout the globe. - Lonette

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Graduates of the Program

Robin Schade assists people with communicating with loved ones who have passed so that everyone can find peace and happiness in this life and beyond. She is also an expert dowser and animal communicator who helps people find lost pets. For the last 6 years, Robin has been a moderator of the Pendulum Alchemy Facebook Group and she is a co-creator of the Effective Dowsing system and several other courses with Erich Hunter including Decision Making with Pendulums, Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Investigation, the Pendulum Mentoring Circle, among others and she has been actively involved in the fields of Pendulum Alchemy & Healing. In the Pendulum Healing Certification program, Robin developed a system of real-time spirit communication using energy-based dowsing that can be used in both paranormal investigations and mediumship. You can contact Robin at

"This is the perfect program to build your skill as a pendulum master by learning the basics and being carefully guided to learn advanced pendulum techniques in a safe and supported group. Awesome course & love the feedback and encouragement of the other students!"

Allison Wilson is passionate about animal health and the bond between animals and their humans.

She influences the energy field to make the conditions right for the body, mind, and soul to heal itself so that living a long, healthy, and happy life is achieved for both you and your pet.  Using a variety of energy work, she assists you and your animal companions to improve your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being so you can feel healthy and vibrant!

From an early age Allison knew that helping people and their pets to live a healthy life, full of vitality, was her life calling.  She received her BS in Physical Education and is certified in massage therapy and Emotion Code.  Studying and learning different healing modalities, and then sharing this information with others so they can be self-empowered, is important to Allison.

Allison created a protocol for Hashimoto’s/Hypothyroid during her Pendulum Healing Certification Course.  

Contact information for Allison:

"Pendulum Alchemy is my new go-to for healing modalities! I love its simplicity and the opportunity to be creative with it. The straightforward presentation of lessons coupled by the encouragement to spend several days really learning each individual lesson, reinforced the understanding and practicality of each one."

Christine Ford is a Licensed Massage therapist who specializes in pain management. She helps you find solutions for managing chronic pain and emotional stress so that you can feel your best and achieve your optimal health.

Christine's healing journey started over 30 years ago as a Massage Therapist, completed studies in Myofascial Release, CranioSacral Therapy, Total Body Balancing, Sound Therapy and certification in Distance Healing. She has taken many other courses during her career in several other modalities as well, including Aromatherapy. She creates facial serums, beard oil, and pain relieving salves.

During Certification for Pendulum Healing, she created a protocol to address Adrenal Depletion, having noticed a marked increase in her clients suffering the effects of the pandemic.

Christine can be reached at: Facebook- massagebychristineford Instagram-#massagebychristineford Website- Or call or text for an appointment at 203-927-6111.

“Pendulum Healing certification has added another dimension to my energy work. It integrates seamlessly with my treatments, allowing more healing time with my clients. I loved Erich's approach to the discipline. His availability made progress through the course totally enjoyable!"

Darcy Ehli is a medical intuitive who helps you to quickly find solutions for managing chronic pain and injuries so you are back to feeling your best and enjoying life again.
Darcy has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1997, Medical intuitive, Emotion Code/Body Code Practitioner, Kundalini Reiki Master, Angelic Reiki Attuned.  She has taken many other classes during her career on several other modalities as well.  
During Certification for Pendulum Healing, she created a protocol to remove other people energies from our own field. Often times we try to help when we “take on” someone's energy or when someone unknowingly shares the energies with us.  By removing these energies from our own energy field, we can feel more like ourselves and feeling less pain and discomfort that it not actually ours.  
Darcy can be reached at  or
or to book an appointment
“Pendulum Healing certification has been a game changer in my energy work!   Before this course I tried to understand how to use a pendulum but once I saw him spin one of his custom pendulums (Cosmic Merkaba) I knew I needed to learn more from the best and get one of those gorgeous masterpieces! The course was easy and I loved that I could do it at my own pace since I have a very busy massage practice.“

Carrie helps people move forward in life, to find their own voice, express their Truth and live with razor sharp clarity, so that they can create abundance with ease and start living their dreams!

She is a certified intuitive healer and Soul alignment coach.  She’s been trained in a number of healing arts including Reiki and the NADA protocol.

In the PHC Program, Carrie created a protocol to transmute fear by investigating its origin and clearing the energetic blocks at its root.  She applied the technique successfully on herself while she was writing her first book.  She moved through inner resistance, maintained momentum, and was able to complete the manuscript within months.  She also found the perfect editor within days by utilizing a combination of pendulum dowsing and commands.  Look out for her book on Amazon in Feb 22.

You can contact Carrie via or email

“Erich’s explanation of the theory underlying pendulum alchemy is clear and concise.  More than just an expert in the field, Erich is generous with his time and passionate about sharing his vast knowledge with the world.  While the lessons are structured in a way that are easy to follow, we are always encouraged to tap into our unique zone of genius.  Healing is a fusion of science and art, and PHCP combines both effectively.  The most valuable part of the program, is in its sheer simplicity.  Anyone can apply few basic pendulum commands, and experience magick within days!  That in and of itself makes the Program an investment worth a lifetime.”

Kelly Ng is passionate about helping people find their true selves and align with what they desire to achieve in this lifetime. The outcome of her work is improved health, abundance, and the emotional freedom that results from profound healing on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. 


Her process uses a combination of energy healing and self-discovery to illuminate your soul path so you can reach your highest potential.


She is a Certified in Level 2 Dolores Cannon: Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique QHHT® in Past Life Regression, and Pendulum Healing.


In addition to healing, Kelly also creates high vibration energy-infused crystal jewelry to support your healing process.


While Kelly was in the Pendulum Certification Program, she created a custom protocol to help people manifest abundance and improve their financial well-being.


Kelly deeply cares about her clients' inner emotional lives, and feels so much joy in helping them receive healing and finding their path so that they can once again experience wholeness and be who they really came here to be. If you want to learn more and see if she can assist you on your journey please visit: and at


“The Pendulum Certificate Program has given me the training to create complete protocols to support various types of healing, as well as the practice that was necessary to witness results that allowed me to gain confidence in this modality. It has proven to be life changing for myself and my clients, and even lifesaving as I have seen direct proof of how it had an powerful effect on saving my dad’s life — I am forever grateful to Dr. Hunter!” - Kelly Ng

Kathy Waits helps empower people and their animal companions to heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually to experience happiness, improved health and spiritual connection.

She uses several modalities including channeling with healing angels, quantum touch breathing techniques and pendulum commands using color life force energy. She is a certified Emotion/Body Code practitioner, Pendulum Healer and animal communicator.

Her passion is helping those that can't seem to get out of the funk they're in.  Or helping an animal find peace after being abused.  She has had many conversations with animals and you can read about those conversations on her blog  It's a lot of fun hearing their side of the story.   

If you would like to see if Kathy can help you and your animal companions please send her an email at: or call her at 928-210-4043 and leave a message.
“My experience with taking the Pendulum Certification course with Erich Hunter has been such a joy.  I have learned so much and feel that what I have learned I will use on a daily basis and feel it has already become a way of dealing with everyday life.  It's invaluable. Thank you, Erich, for always answering my questions, being available and going the extra mile as a mentor/teacher.  You're the best.  Thank you. " - Kathy Waits

Deby Estel is committed to promoting the physical, energetic and spiritual well-being of horses. Her work involves correcting imbalances to lead them on a path of wellness that results in more confidence, balance, focus, better behavior, while allowing the body's organs and glands to work to their highest level allowing physical issues to correct themselves.
With over 40-years of passion for alternative healing arts, she has devoted her lifetime helping horses with health and behavior issues. In the latter part of the 60s, she was introduced to the holistic health field and metaphysics. On her lifelong path to wellness, she has stayed inspired to improve on her skills and has develop many techniques including ESP, card reading, scrying, applied kinesiology, herbal medicines, as well as following her traditions from her Curandera Grandmothers which inspired her to explore many options in holistic and esoteric medicine including energy medicine, herbology, Emotion and Body Code, Biomagnetism, crystals, essences, color, and Bach remedies, essential oils, Reiki, Reconnective Healing, and Pendulum Alchemy, to name a few.
With specialized skills in equine health and behavior she also incorporates energy sessions to all animals, people, and the land.  Geopathic and dimensional energies affect all of us.  Correcting these imbalances is very beneficial to help anyone's path to wellness.
To learn more or see if how Deby can help your horses please visit
In the Pendulum Healing Certification Program Deby created a protocol for clearing pastures and land of harmful energies which results in the healing of the land and well-being for all who live there.
“Taking the Pendulum Healing Certification Course has enabled me to complete my healing sessions with great success for my clients.  The possibilities are endless.  This certification program offers so much for any novice or expert who is interested in manifesting positiveness in their selves, animals, and for all to seek the answers.” Deby Estel

Marina Beech supports female entrepreneurs, impact leaders and creatives to reconnect to their divine soul gifts and clear past life karmic blocks, empowering them to experience deep transformational life and business breakthroughs.

Marina experienced the positive impact of The Akashic Records after she witnessed her own profound healing several years ago, it was through this catalyst that she went on her own journey to discover what the Records were and how she could offer the same positive change to her soul led clients today.

Marina Beech is The Soul Alchemist, a Spiritual Intuitive, Teacher and Channel who uses the Akashic Records and pendulum to support her clients discover their divine gifts and soul identity. 

When we know who we are at soul level we can realign our choices to create a more abundant life filled with joy, flow and possibility. 

In the Pendulum Healer Certification Marina created a protocol for incorporating Pendulum Healing with reading the Akashic Records.

To contact Marina:

Website -
Facebook -
Facebook Group -
Insta -

"Wohoo….. I’ve just finished Erich’s Pendulum Healing Certification Program and I couldn’t be happier with the wisdom and new techniques I’ve gained and outcomes I’m now experiencing..
Having used a pendulum in my own spiritual business for several years I wanted to go deeper with my own knowledge as I knew I could elevate and amplify my own and clients results even further.
I found the program very thorough and easy to follow as it was broken down into modules, containing both written handouts and videos with lots of practical activities too. Practicing the commands and creating your own is a key aspect of the program which really helped me grasp the techniques and protocols shared. 

I found the science behind pendulum healing very interesting and gave me foundational insight on how pendulum alchemy and healing works. This not only increased my confidence in using a pendulum but elevates that sense of trust too. 

I would totally recommend this program to all levels of pendulum user, whether you are a beginner or advanced there is no doubt that the information, wisdom and knowledge given will take your own skill set and understanding to that next magical level." 

Jodi Feeney is passionate about helping children support positive shifts and changes in their lives with energy healing. She has training in many modalities including Pendulum Healing, Emotion Code, Body Code, and Reiki. She knows the struggles children can face having been a teacher in the classroom for 12 years and also having three small children of her own. She wants children to have effective coping strategies when dealing with tough situations and she uses pendulum healing as one of the tools to help children succeed.

In the Pendulum Healing Certification program , she created a protocol to enhance children’s school days both academically and emotionally.

“I can not recommend the Pendulum Healing Certification enough! For starters, the support you receive from Erich is exceptional. You will be fully supported your entire journey. The actual course is simply amazing . You will gain so much practical knowledge and confidence . Compared to how I use my pendulum prior to taking the course has grown substantially. I now use my pendulum everyday and in so many more different situations . What a gift to be able to help my family, friends and clients. Thank you, Erich, for making this program so informative and practical and for your ongoing support.”

Rafael Martínez es un Sanador Energético experimentado que ayuda a las personas a sentir mayor bienestar, salud y armonía en su cuerpo, emociones, mente y espíritu. Disfruta de acompañar a las personas en sus procesos de sanación, ayudándoles a recuperar el amor y la confianza en sí mismas, llevándolas a fortalecer la certeza que necesitan para conseguir lo que quieren en sus vidas. Con su experiencia ha logrado integrar diversas técnicas que facilitan el proceso de la sanación, el desarrollo de la consciencia y la espiritualidad. Como “Especialista del Alma”, Rafael también facilita a las personas los mensajes que les aportan mayor claridad para enfrentar y resolver mejor sus preocupaciones, y les ayuda a ampliar su percepción para considerar nuevas posibilidades en sus vidas, a través de sus herramientas mágicas, como el péndulo, el tarot, las runas y los registros akáshicos, de esta forma, la toma de consciencia también resulta sanadora.

Rafael Martínez is an experienced Energetic Healer who helps people to feel greater well-being, health and harmony in their body, emotions, mind and spirit. He enjoys accompanying people in their healing processes, helping them regain love and confidence in themselves, leading them to strengthen the certainty they need to achieve what they want in their lives. With his experience, he has managed to integrate various techniques that facilitate the healing process, the development of consciousness and spirituality. As a "Soul Specialist", Rafael also provides people with messages that give them greater clarity to better face and resolve their concerns, and helps them to broaden their perception to consider new possibilities in their lives, through his magical tools, like pendulum, tarot, runes and akashic records, in this way, awareness is also healing.

En el Programa de Certificación de Sanación con Péndulo (Pendulum Healing Certification Program), Rafael desarrolló el protocolo: “Sanación de Heridas del Alma” para ayudar a las personas a alcanzar su máximo potencial, expresar su auténtico ser y sanar los patrones más profundos que les impiden alcanzar sus objetivos.

In the Pendulum Healing Certification Program, Rafael developed the “Soul Wound Healing Protocol” to help people reach their full potential, express their authentic self and heal the deepest patterns that prevent them from achieving their goals.

Sus sesiones son online a cualquier parte del mundo y presenciales en Ciudad de México. Puedes encontrar más de la Luz Medicinal de Rafael en: “¡Soy un canal para lo divino, para que lo divino suceda en tu vida!”

His sessions are online anywhere in the world and face-to-face in Mexico City. You can find more of Rafael's Medicinal Light at: "I am a channel for the divine, for the divine to happen in your life!"

“El Programa de Certificación de Sanación con Péndulo (Pendulum Healing Certification Program) ¡es mucho más de lo que te imaginas!, para mí ha sido una experiencia extraordinaria que me ha desafiado en diversas formas para perfeccionar mi trabajo con el péndulo y explotar todo su potencial. Amo el enfoque de enseñanza de Erich, ya que es muy práctico, claro y fácil de entender. Además Erich y el grupo de compañeros siempre están dispuestos a brindar todo su apoyo y ayuda durante todo el desarrollo del programa. Así que si quieres aprender Sanación con Péndulo sin complicaciones y ser testigo de su magia y sorprendentes resultados, te recomiendo ampliamente inscribirte al programa. Es una gran experiencia que sumará grandes satisfacciones a tu vida. ¡Soy testigo de esto y mucho más! Muchas gracias Erich por contribuir a mi vida con tu apoyo, ayuda y conocimiento.”

“The Pendulum Healing Certification Program is much more than you can imagine! For me it has been an extraordinary experience that has challenged me in various ways to perfect my work with the pendulum and exploit everything its potential. I love Erich's teaching approach as it is very practical, clear and easy to understand. In addition, Erich and the group of colleagues are always willing to provide all their support and help throughout the development of the program. So if you want to learn Pendulum Healing without complications and witness its magic and amazing results, I highly recommend signing up for the program. It is a great experience that will add great satisfaction to your life. I am a witness to this and much more! Thank you very much Erich for contributing to my life with your support, help and knowledge. "

Constance Goh helps people to positively transform their lives with a combination of astrological readings, personalized flower essence blends, oracle card divination and pendulum healing. Her personalized intuitive sessions are perfect if you are looking for a uniquely different approach that will empower you to live a better life that you dream of. 

In the Pendulum Healing Certification program, she created "Bring back my Self-Confidence" Protocol to empower others to step into their light so that they can share their gifts with the world. If you feel that you need a little push to stand in the spotlight of your stage, you can contact Constance at or

“If you are looking for the best place to learn about Pendulum Healing, this is the course to go for. With an easy-to-follow structure and an amazing community that supports your back, this is all you need to get deep into the wonders of Pendulum Healing. A course like this, gives you the experience & knowledge that others took years to reach” 

Joyce Woon is a psychic and spiritual healer who specializes in helping people and their pets to feel happy, healthy and enjoy a good quality of life. She does this through a combination of psychic communication and spiritual healing that allows her to quickly determine the root cause of the issue and resolve it. Her specialties include improving relationships and finding emotional balance while providing you with powerful and insightful life guidance using the tarot. In the Pendulum Healing Certification program, she created the “Perfect Pet Healing System” that allows her to rapidly diagnose what is causing your pet’s energetic blockages and emotional issues so that your pet can feel better again.

Joyce Woon 是一名能量以及灵性疗愈师,专长于协助他人以及宠物过着开心、健康以及优质的生活。她把心理沟通结合了灵性疗愈,来探索个案问题的根源,并助于解决其问题。她的专长也包括了改善情感状况,调节身心灵。另外,她也通过塔罗牌来给予个案她独创的见解,让个案从中找到指引以及方向。 在灵摆疗愈的认证专业课程,她完美的客制化 “ 宠物疗愈系统“ ,让她快速探索出宠物的能量阻塞以及情绪问题,改善宠物的困扰。 想要更了解Joyce Woon的服务,可以参考她的专页 :

You can learn more about Joyce Woon at:

“After signing up for ERICH's course, I have a deeper understanding of the pendulum healing. I also combined Pendulum healing together with Spiritual healing for my clients, and it have great effect on them. For the entire course, it is above the money value! Highly recommended!”

报名了ERICH 老师的课程后,对于灵摆疗愈这方面有更深的了解。并且我把之前学习的灵性疗愈结合了灵摆疗愈,为我的顾客服务。在他们的身上,我看到了明显的疗愈效果。 整个课程,我都觉得物超所值。极力推荐有兴趣的人!

Dr. Elizabeth Hesse Sheehan DC, PSc. D.

With over two decades of experience Dr. Elizabeth Hesse Sheehan is a wholistic chiropractor, nutritionist, Pastoral Science and Medicine PSc.D. who helps you unleash your inner healer within, so that you can reach your full potential of health and vitality on all levels.

In the Pendulum Healer Certification, she wrote several protocols including an open-heart surgery and recovery program for children with Down syndrome, and a protocol to help those injured by vaccinations. She routinely writes custom healing protocols for her patients based on their own specific health challenges and goals.

She works with people both in person and as a distance healing remotely.  Dr. Elizabeth also offers free healing transmission via her YouTube channel, and is now doing group healing sessions, which can be utilized for the individual, friends, family and others in need of hope and support.

If you would like to work with Dr. Elizabeth, she can be reached at

“Dr. Hunter’s coursework has been some of the most exciting and impactful of trainings I have taken. IT has dramatically changed the way I work with people and has given me the ability to expand what I do so I can be of more service to others. The techniques are easy to learn, there is a lot of support and an amazing community! I highly recommend it!”

Ludivine Huteau helps highly sensitive people to clear their energy fields and strengthen their energetic boundaries resulting in improved mental clarity and health. Using her Harmonized Empath Healing System, she helps you to learn how to fortify your energetic core, resulting in you feeling centered, balanced, and in tune with your own energy. The result is that you can heal, thrive and live a better life.

In the certification program Ludivine created a custom Pendulum Healing protocol to help highly empathic people connect to their true selves, their specific potentials and unique talents.

If you are a highly sensitive empath, intuitive or INFJ and you want help gaining sovereignty over your own energy field, you can learn more at

“The Pendulum healing certificate program was a great way to push my PH practice to another level. After reading Erich Hunter’s books and practicing alone in my corner, it allowed me to learn this discipline in a more structured way. It also showed me how to be creative with the technique, exploring and discovering many surprising ways to use the pendulum to help others. The interaction with the other students of the program was and is still is, full of teachings and fulfilling experiences.”

Ching-Ling Yang graduated from physical therapy training and used to be a research assistant in the university. She helps those who are trapped in emotional pain to let go of past hurts and move on. They can face challenges with lighter hearts since they understand their true value through the process of overcoming their painful past. She created a custom Pendulum Protocol for healing “Menstrual cramps” which helps women get back their balance of body and mind while relieving emotions from the pain, to feel calm and at ease. You can contact Ching-Ling at


"Though I have learned pendulum skills from Erich since 2018, I still learned a lot in the program. The updated explanation about the skills and energy of the pendulum helped me make progress in pendulum healing. Applications and experiences with other students in the group broadened my horizons and let me see a variety of possibilities that can be reached from pendulum work. I highly recommended the program to anyone who wants to be a professional in pendulum healing."


Clarissa offers high vibration healing sessions to help unlock your true potential by harmonizing your heart with your mind so that they work together to allow you to joyfully follow your Life Path and manifest your true desires. 

With 28 years of experience as a professional massage therapist/healer, Clarissa blends her extensive bodywork experience with powerful intuitive abilities and the method of Pendulum Healing. She can help you resolve unresolved or buried feelings that are still registering at a cellular level to bring about profound transformation and a newfound lease on life. 

In the Pendulum Healing Certification Program Clarissa created a Soul Architecture healing protocol that helps all clear trauma originating from conception through six months of age. This allows you to get at deep-seated harmful influences and heal them. You can contact Clarissa at

"I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in the healing arts. This certification is a very powerful creative program full of fun practical applications. I absolutely love interacting with other students. Erich is an excellent supportive instructor! I am so excited to move forward with my practice and in my own healing. I have gained confidence in my life and rekindled joy in my practice. Thank you Erich!"

Syed Ajmal helps people get back into energetic balance which contributes to overall health, financial abundance, healthy relationships, and well-being. He combines Pendulum Healing with Reiki, Astrology magic, and traditional Arabic/Islamic healing methods using prayers so that people feel better. In the Pendulum Healing Certificate program, he created protocols for headache and migraine pains that utilize Arabic Magic squares and 13 special Arabic Alphabets that he has discovered have the power to remove body pains when combined with Pendulum Healing. If you would like to learn more please contact him at or WhatsApp +923335980052

“The Pendulum Certificate program was excellent and has clarified a great deal for me, as well as teaching me new concepts. I am using my pendulum daily for well being and it has become a valuable part of my everyday life. I greatly appreciated the simple presentation and step by step approach to both the theoretical and practical applications of Pendulum Healing. Thank you for a great program.”

Kathy Sparks is a Pendulum Healer, Certified Reflexologist and Aromatherapist specializing in chakra healing and auric healing through the use of pendulums, reflexology, aromatherapy and crystal therapy.

She is currently working on a protocol that combines clairvoyant auric healing and Pendulum Healing.

For the certification program she created a custom Pendulum Healing protocol for speech impairment in children.

“I have always enjoyed using a pendulum for dowsing. This course opens up a whole new area. The clear instruction expanded my knowledge and skills with the pendulum. You can do truly amazing healing in any area of your life. “

Jim Straker helps people live better lives by combining a wide array of modalities to energetically heal both people and the environments in which they live.
Jim brings decades of experience with Reiki, Feng Shui, vipassana meditation, foot reflexology, energy medicine, pendulums, different dowsing rods, shamanism, EMF/EMR awareness, Tesla technologies, shungite and other crystals to his healing work and he now combines these modalities with Pendulum Healing to great effect helping people in Australia and around the world.

In the Pendulum Healing Certification Program Jim developed a protocol (Jim’s four leaf clover protocol) for management of a person’s environment, mental well-being and chakras built around the healing needs for that person and the home environment in which they live. This can healing be provided face to face, or as a distance healing remotely and can be utilized for self, family, friends, and other interested people. If you would like assistance from Jim, he can be contacted via his Facebook page or by email –

"The Course material for the Pendulum Healer Certification Programme (and other Erich Hunter programmes) is of high quality, delivered on time and in a very comprehensible manner. Any comments, questions and issues raised by students are speedily managed through monitoring by Erich, his assistants, qualified students and current students. No one is alone – even on the other side of the world. THANK YOU, ERICH, for such a worthwhile programme."

Anne Sagendorph-Moon is a business coach and a color palette + personal style specialist. For over 25 years working with women, she realized they would often look in the mirror and say unkind things to themselves. They would compare themselves or make themselves wrong whether it was their business or their body. She knew that the foundational strategy of building a wealth-producing, successful business had to be self-love. Besides message, marketing, money and magnetism she teaches each client how to use the pendulum to create real magic and flow without the need to hustle and push.

In the Pendulum Healing Certification Program, she created a protocol that helps women (and men) to end comparing themselves to others, making themselves wrong whether it’s about their business, their income or their body. This allows them to begin influencing outcomes and shaping the change they want without pushing or forcing.

If you would like to learn more about Anne please visit her website:

"I loved Erich’s course. He is a great, clear teacher. His combination of science and artistry is magic. He makes what is complex easy to understand and put into practice. He is giving us a profound way to do magic that works and changes the world."

Susan Dalmer is a Pendulum Healer and reiki practitioner with over a decade of experience helping people and their pets live better lives. Her pet grooming business integrates Pendulum Healing & Reiki to help pets and their parents with anxiety issues, pain management and grieving of lost loved ones. In the Pendulum Healing Certification program Susan created a protocol to help women experiencing menopause to improve their quality of life and feel good again.

You can reach her at:

"Erich Hunter Ph.D.'s course was simple, easy to learn with great content. My Gratitude to Erich who has provided cutting edge knowledge to date in Pendulum Alchemy. I am excited to have a complimentary modality that will enhance Reiki healing of all light beings". -Susan Dalmer

Lonette Van Mieghem assists people in connecting with their ancestors and spirit guides to improve their health, prosperity, and relationships while bringing to life infinite possibilities and new perspectives. In the Pendulum Healing Certification Program, she developed a system of ancestor veneration that combines ancient practices with modern perspectives to maximize your ability to allow your ancestors to guide you to a better life.

If you are interested in exploring the potential of Lonette helping you with your healing needs please contact her at

"Erich Hunter's Pendulum Healer Certification Program changed my life! I have tried so many healing modalities and had so many teachers and Erich's Program is by far the best! He is a great teacher with a wealth of information. The course is self-paced and Erich as well as the other students are always there for support. He encourages the other students to practice with each other in order to feel comfortable with the material and to apply it in real-life situations. It has changed my life for the better and set me up for success. The Pendulum Healer Certification Program prepares you for success! Thank you Erich for this course and expanding pendulum healers throughout the globe."

Nick Salzman brings to light the inner workings of the human spirit and consciousness through his work with Spirit Release Therapy. Originally developed as the practice of Apometry in Brazil, Nick has pioneered a novel approach that combines pendulums with the work in the astral realms to clear etheric debris, Dark Energies, and Earthbound Spirits, which results in balance, harmony, and healing.  

As an expert in the field, Nick has published two important books on the subject of Spirit Release Therapy and he is also a designer of custom high vibrational energy pendulums for use in healing.   

In the Pendulum Healing Certification Program Nick developed a protocol for locating and successfully clearing harmful entities using a process he calls Multiple Unfoldment.  
You can learn more about Nick and his work by visiting his website:

"I think anyone in this field or interested in this field can do some amazing things after taking this course. Very thorough and informative. The understanding of Pendulum Alchemy and accurate dowsing has been a real joy to implement in what I do."

Maxine Martin helps people with physical and emotional challenges  lead betters lives by balancing their energy fields and by providing ongoing support in the form of healing therapies such as craniosacral therapy, homeopathy and pendulum healing.In the Pendulum Healing Certification program, Maxine developed a Five Element Protocol that incorporates the traditional Chinese medicine elements with homeopathy and Pendulum Healing.

If you would like to learn more about Maxine and how she can help you please visit her website:

“The Pendulum Healing Certification Program is certainly by far the best pendulum course I have taken. Erich Hunter has the ability to explain the sometimes-complicated theory in such an engaging way that the concepts become clear. The protocols taught can be used for remote treatments as well as face to face, and cover just about every situation you could imagine. Erich supports his students so well, and is always there to answer any questions or give advice. He has written 3 books on the subject, with another one due imminently. Pendulum Alchemy has given me an eloquent and very useful method of supporting people, and I am very grateful to have been able to take the course.”- Maxine Martin

Angela Green is a clinical herbalist trained in pendulum healing, reiki, western herbology, and traditional Chinese medicine. She can help you integrate the use of herbs with pendulum healing to feel better, bring your body back into balance and contribute to your overall health and well-being. In the Pendulum Healing Certificate Program Angela created a custom Pendulum Protocol for helping "Twin Flames" find each other and form lasting, loving relationships. To learn more about Angela's amazing work, please visit:

"Prior to taking the Pendulum Energy Healing certification program, I was struggling to find my own way with the pendulum. I had used the pendulum for years and took various other classes, even studied under another instructor for awhile. But even after all the various classes, I still didn’t feel 100% positive I was using it how the universe wanted me to use it. Then I heard of Erich Hunter….then I started purchasing his books…I started feeling like it was starting to come together. I had been pushed to create custom commands for my patients, but I still didn’t feel confident in that - until I took his certification class. I now feel like I have a complete and total solid foundation to offer Pendulum Healing as a service for my patients and KNOW that i am making real energetic changes. It’s magical to see how the energy easily shifts when you just command the universe what you want. I recommend Erich to my circle and am thankful I had the opportunity to complete his course."

Metaphysical Minister, Pastor Kirk can help you align your personal energies so that you get the joy back into your life; while gaining valuable insights that will help you live more fully and with greater compassion. In the certificate program Pastor, Kirk developed a custom Pendulum Healing protocol for restoring the health to neural networks called Engrams that are responsible for emotional well being. If you want to positively shift your reality today and learn more about Pastor Kirk please visit

"The Certificate in Pendulum Healing opened a new direction in my dowsing abilities and pendulum healing capabilities with solid instruction taught with understandable concepts. I am grateful for what I have learned!"

Ann Walsh is a counselor by profession and has been involved in energy work for over twenty years. In addition to the pendulum, she is trained in Reiki. In the program, she created a custom Pendulum Healing protocol for supporting people with the healing of grief. She currently helps to moderate the Pendulum Alchemy Facebook group.

“The Pendulum Certificate program is excellent and has clarified a great deal for me as well as teaching me new concepts. What I have done with this program since completing it is very meaningful to me. I now use my pendulum daily for my well being and it has become a valuable part of my everyday life.”

Inge Vermeij helps highly sensitive people (HSP’s) to be stronger, more grounded, and to stand up and be part of the world again without feeling judgment or shame. She does this by a guided process of self-discovery combined with energy healing that allows you to efficiently heal deep-seated issues without going deep into the problems of needing to talk endlessly talk about them. This work can help you feel the energy, engaged with life, while you giving you the power to create healthy boundaries with others because you know your true self and can express your needs clearly. In the Pendulum Healing Certificate program, Inge created a protocol for healing the “Inner Child” which allows for profound transformation and healing of longstanding issues that resist other forms of healing. If you are an HSP, find your way back into the world and start living again by contacting Inge at:

“I am so happy I followed the program. I recommend it to everyone who is interested in taking their pendulum healing a step further. The program helped me to pick up the pendulum more often than I used to do. It also helped me do new things. I never thought I could make my own pendulum protocols, but going through the program it slowly opened the door to how it all worked. I have now a few protocols of my own and they work nicely.”

Are you ready to transform your life while helping others with your pendulum?

If yes, please register now.