Pendulum Tuning

An amazing new way to calibrate your pendulum with powerful healing frequencies

Tune Your Pendulum for Optimal Results

In this course we will show you how to tune your pendulum to healing frequencies so that you get better results with your Pendulum Alchemy, Pendulum Healing & Dowsing.

Just like tuning a musical instrument to the correct frequency so that it sounds beautiful. You can tune the string of your pendulum to set it to a healing frequency.

Once tuned, your pendulum automatically sends out a beautiful high vibration frequency that results in better outcome every time you use your pendulum.

You can tune your pendulum to many things including: words like love and gratitude, chakras, crystals, power-spots, music, sacred images, other high vibration frequencies.

Benefits of Pendulum Tuning

Save time by optimizing the healing vibration of your pendulum so that you can get amazing results using fewer pendulum commands.

Improve your finances, relationships, health, or anything else by tuning into high vibration frequencies that give you a power boost.

Have a better quality of life as you get more of what you want in ways that are for the highest good of all concerned.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Pendulum Tuning: An amazing new way to calibrate your pendulum with powerful healing frequencies

    • Welcome to the Course & Instructional Handout

    • An Overview of Pendulum Tuning

    • Step 1. Preparing the String

    • Step 2. Tuning the Pendulum

    • Suggested Tuning Calibrations

    • Pendulum Tuning Practice Review

    • Share Your Success Stories- Get Inspired!!!


  • When does the course open for study?

    The course opens for study on April 25th 2021. Sign up before that date for a special discounted price. Normally $70 on sale for $49 until April 25th. Sign up now.

  • Is the course pre-recorded?

    Yes. Once open for study, you can view the material 24/7 as much as you want.

  • Is there a handout with instructions?

    Yes. You will receive a handout with instructions.

  • Is this for beginners?

    Yes this course is suitable for both beginners and advanced pendulum users. I recommend you take my free course to learn how to deliver a Pendulum Command. If you can do that basic skill you will have enough knowledge to implement the technique in this course.

Your Instructors

Erich Hunter helps people create magick in their lives through the power of Pendulum Alchemy & Healing. He is a published author and designer of custom high vibration pendulums. Learn more. 

Syed Ajmal helps people get back into energetic balance which contributes to overall health, financial abundance, healthy relationships, and well-being. He combines Pendulum Healing with Reiki, Astrology magic, and traditional Arabic/Islamic healing methods using prayers so that people feel better.

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Really super charges healing!!!!

"Last night I tuned my pendulum with delta frequency & spun it over a card reading peaceful & healing sleep. I again had a really wonderful sleep. Then I gave my husband a tuned pendulum and I did a quick resonance healing for a new truck for him and just a few hours later bam he got the perfect truck! It had all the very specific requirements he wanted such as super duty towing ability, racks for construction hauling, removable, insulated camper shell etc. great price too! He just bought it. We are both pretty shocked right now! Awesome. Loving this method." - Robin Schade