Discover the Power of Reiki with Pendulums

Over the past decade, people have achieved amazing results combining Pendulum Alchemy with Reiki. In this course you will learn how to effectively combine Pendulum Alchemy and Reiki resulting in enhanced results of your Reiki sessions.

You will learn both simple and advanced techniques. The course is open to anyone who knows Reiki and it requires  that you also know how to send a pendulum command and that you have at least one high vibration pendulum.

Benefits of the Course

Quickly prepare people so that they are open and ready to receive your Reiki energy. This will save you time and make your Reiki sessions easier to do.

Help support people to integrate the Reiki they receive while addressing other issues that are impacting their health and energy. This result is greater effectiveness of your Reiki with better results for the people receiving your Reiki.

Boost the power of your Reiki by sending complimentary energies with the pendulum. The results are better and longer lasting outcomes of each Reiki session.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Reiki with Pendulums

    • Welcome to Reiki with Pendulums

    • Choosing the Right Pendulum for Reiki with Pendulums

    • Reiki Principles from Mikao Usui

    • Pendulum Alchemy with Reiki Symbols

    • Preparing Your Space for Reiki

    • Preparing Yourself for a Reiki Session

    • Preparing a Person for a Reiki Session

    • Finishing a Reiki Session

    • Distance Reiki with Pendulums

    • Time Machine Healing with Reiki & Pendulums

    • Reiki with Color

    • Five Phases (Elements) with Pendulum & Reiki

    • Reiki with Pendulums Crystal Healing

    • Reiki and Pendulums for Animals

    • Reiki with Pendulum for Food and Drink

    • Reiki with Pendulums Review

    • Next Steps


  • When is the course open for study?

    The course is open now. Login and begin.

  • Can I study it at my own pace?

    Yes. You can study it 24/7 any time you want and there is no deadline to finish it. Once you finish, the course it stays in your Thinkific account for you to review at any time.

  • Does it come with handouts and instructions?

    Yes. Everything in the teaching videos will be summarized and presented on detailed handouts that you get with the course. The handouts have valuable information not found anywhere else. They are awesome and you will love them and find them to be incredibly useful.

  • What are the prerequisites?

    The information is presented so that it applies to all levels of Reiki, but there are a couple of topics that require level 2 or 3 knowledge of Reiki.

  • I don't know Reiki. Will I benefit?

    Yes. You can easily adapt and modify the concepts to other energy healing methods and get better results with them.

Meet Your Instructor

Erich Hunter helps empower people to improve their lives and experience more joy, health and abundance by using their pendulums.

He is the author of several books on Pendulum Alchemy & Healing and is a designer of high vibration pendulums.

He is dedicated to bringing you awesome, cutting-edge information to improve your manifestation and healing practice.

"I witness you having great success with combining Pendulum Alchemy with Reiki. Thank you for your interest in this course." -Erich Hunter

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