Resonance Healing with Pendulums

Manifest What You Want

The success of the Law of Attraction depends on your vibration which is based mostly on your feelings which produce more powerful vibrations than your thoughts. You think you want one thing, but your feelings contradict your thoughts so you don’t get what you want in life.

This course teaches a very simple and effective Pendulum Healing protocol that solves this problem by getting your thinking and feeling into an agreement, or resonance. This allows you to manifest what you want because your vibration becomes uniform. There is no conflict between your thinking and feeling creating ease and flow as you manifest what you desire in ways that are for the highest good of all. 


Benefits of Resonance Healing

Save time by quickly getting your vibration in alignment so that you can get what you want.

Improve your finances, or anything else by resolving energetic/vibrational blocks between your thinking and feeling.

Have a better quality of life as you get more of what you want in ways that are for the highest good of all concerned.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Resonance Healing with Pendulums

    • Welcome to the Course & Instructional Handout

    • Overview of Resonance Healing with Pendulums

    • Step 1. Creating the Resonance Statement

    • Step 2. Check the energy of both thinking and feeling for the Resonance Statement

    • Step 3. Use your pendulum to do the Resonance Healing

    • Step 4. Dowse to check the energy of congruence between thinking and feeling for the Resonance Statement

    • Step 5. Use your pendulum to do a residual healing & Step 6 finishing the healing

    • Success Stories- Get Inspired!!!

    • Bonus Examples of Resonance Statements

    • Bonus: Simplified Protocol That Does Not Require Dowsing

    • Resonance Healing Practice Review

    • Suggested Pendulums for Resonance Healing.

    • Get a Resonance Healing


  • When does the course open for study?

    The course is open now. Sign up and study immediately.

  • Is the course pre-recorded?

    Yes. You can view the material 24/7 as much as you want.

  • Is there a handout with instructions?

    Yes. You will receive a handout with instructions.

  • Is this for beginners?

    Yes this course is suitable for both beginners and advanced pendulum users. I recommend you take my free course to learn how to deliver a Pendulum Command. If you can do that basic skill you will have enough knowledge to implement the technique in this course.

Your Instructors

Erich Hunter helps people create magick in their lives through the power of Pendulum Alchemy & Healing. He is a published author and designer of custom high vibration pendulums. Learn more. 

Clarissa Barrazza offers high vibration healing sessions to help unlock your true potential by harmonizing your heart with your mind so that they work together to allow you to joyfully follow your Life Path and manifest your true desires. Learn more.

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Awesome Results!

"Resonance healing worked really well with resolving an uncomfortable situation I was dealing with. The outcome was just what I wanted and it worked out for the highest good of everyone. I am really impressed with the technique."- Terra