Emotional Healing with Pendulums (Simplified)

Enjoy Emotional Health

Unresolved emotions are at the root of many problems and they can block progress with your healing. 

This course provides a unique approach that allows you to stimulate the healing of emotions on an energetic level using your pendulum to induce rapid transformation, healing, and release of even the most deeply rooted emotional issues.

The method is designed for distance healing, but can also be performed during in-person healing sessions. It can also be incorporated with general Pendulum Healing, or any other healing modality you may currently practice.

If you want a fast way to heal emotions this course is for you.


Enjoy better health.

Heal longstanding emotional issues from this lifetime, past lifetimes, and from your lineage.

Get at the emotional root cause of an issue rather than merely treating the physical symptoms.

Save time by resolving the energy of emotions in minutes rather than days, months, or years.

Use this method to support traditional healing methods such as therapy.

Heal the emotional issues of beings who can't talk like pets.

Resolve emotional issues of entire groups of people and organizations by doing group healings.

Course curriculum

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    Emotional Healing with Pendulums

    • Welcome to Emotional Healing with Pendulums

    • The Basics of Pendulum Use for New Pendulum Healers

    • The Emotional Healing Technique (Simplified)

    • Emotional Healing with Pendulums Review

    • Thank You for Taking the Course!

    • Bonus Emotional Healing Flow Chart


  • Can I do this as a distance healing?

    Yes. You do not need to be present to do this work. It is very effective as a distance healing.

  • Do you provide a handout?

    Yes. You get an emotional healing chart to use with your pendulum. It has guided instructions on the chart to make it easy for you to do.

  • Can this work with people who can't talk and pets?

    Yes. This method works really well with beings who can't communicate verbally. Since you are working with energy, no talking is required. This is extremely useful when working with beings like animals that can't talk. You can also use this method to heal the emotions trapped in a room, or on an object like car that has been in an accident. This can totally shift the energy promoting healing.

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This is really an amazing protocol...

"Dear Erich, I've been using the 'emotion healing' often lately with astonishing results! This is really an amazing protocol, thank you very much for putting it together." - Anna

"Erich, I have been using this technique, and it is very useful.  Yesterday one of my clients received a very big shift after I did it for her. She emailed me this morning and stated the healing was totally awesome. She was in tears and felt like she released a whole lot of stuff. Great technique Erich. Thanks" -Ron D.