Summer Solstice Event June 21st 6:00pm Sedona, Arizona Time

On June 21st we will host a live community event to celebrate the summer solstice and provide information about the new course Tarot with pendulums.

If you want to learn about the tarot course and experience some Pendulum Alchemy magick for the solstice please register for this free event.

  1. Pendulum Alchemy Solstice Activation
  2. Sample Tarot Readings
  3. Information about the upcoming course.
  4. Prizes

It is going to be a great event.

Please join us.

Once you register, the zoom link is in the course.

After the event, the replay will be housed in the course.

Determine the time by using the following search term in Google.

6:00pm in Sedona Arizona is what time in (your location).

See you on the solstice.

Erich & Rafa

Course curriculum

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    Zoom Link for Live Event

    • Replay of Event

Come Join us for the Summer Solstice Tarot Event

You will love it.