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For centuries people have turned to the cards of the tarot to gain clarity about life's challenges and to help solve problems with relationships, finances, health, and spirituality.

In this course you will learn powerful ways to combine the magick of Pendulum Alchemy with the tarot to both improve your tarot readings and to energetically support you as you move forward in response to what the cards reveal.

You will benefit from the course no matter what your skill level with the tarot or with Pendulum Alchemy. It is recommended for anyone with an interest in the topic and you will find great value.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Tarot with Pendulums

    • Welcome to Tarot with Pendulums

    • Introduction to Tarot with Pendulums

    • Overview of the Course

    • The Best Pendulums to Use with Tarot

    • Buying a Tarot Deck

    • Creating Sacred Space for a Reading

    • Sacred Space Commands

    • Selecting a Tarot Deck for a Reading

    • Cleansing the Deck

    • Harmonizing the Deck

    • What will You Ask the Tarot

    • Sample Tarot Spread: What do I Need to be Aware Of?

    • Sample Tarot Spread: What do I Need to Move Forward?

    • Sample Tarot Spread: Activating and Archetype

    • Sample Tarot Spread: Achieving a Goal

    • Sample Tarot Spread: Pros and Cons

    • Sample Tarot Spread: Identifying Imbalance & Blockage

    • Sample Tarot Spread: Moon Cycle Tarot Spread

    • Supporting the Person to Act on the Guidance Received

    • Examples of Tarot Spreads and Pendulum Alchemy Support

    • Bonus: Preparing for A Reading from a Professional

    • Guide to the Meanings of the Major Arcana of Rider–Waite–Smith

    • Tarot with Pendulums Review

    • Next Steps

Benefits of Tarot with Pendulums

Most people who combine with tarot with pendulums only use the pendulum to answer questions and therefore do not tap the full potential of what is possible.

In this course you will learn how to energetically support the entire process of doing a tarot reading with clear protocols and step by step instructions on how to best utilize the pendulum before, during and after a reading.

We also show you how to do a series of simple tarot spreads that can quickly help you get to the core of an issue. This allows you to effect change and gain clarity so that you can take action to improve you life.

Pick the perfect deck for more accurate readings.

Energetically prepare your reading space, the cards and the person for a higher vibration experience and more clarity leading to a better result.

Energetically and magickally support the reading so that what is indicated by the cards can be implemented resulting in a better life with improved relationships, health finances and spirituality..

Learn fast and easy methods to gain powerful insights from the tarot and then apply them to improve your life with the support of the pendulum.


  • Do I need to have experience with tarot or Pendulum Alchemy to take this course.

    This course does not require knowledge of the tarot. We provide you with enough information so that you can do simple readings using the Major Arcana of the Rider–Waite–Smith tarot deck. If you have knowledge of the tarot you will also benefit tremendously and be able to do even more with the information we provide using any deck you want. In terms of Pendulum Alchemy you only need one high vibration pendulum and the ability to deliver a pendulum command. If you know more advanced techniques you will immediately see ways you that you can apply them.

  • Can I use this course for oracle cards?

    Yes. You can apply it to oracle cards.

  • Can I study it at my own pace?

    Yes. You can study it 24/7 any time you want and there is no deadline to finish it. Once you finish, the course it stays in your Thinkific account for you to review at any time.

  • Does it come with handouts and instructions?

    Yes. Everything in the teaching videos is summarized and presented on detailed handouts that you get with the course. The handouts have valuable information not found anywhere else. They are awesome and you will love them and find them to be incredibly useful.

  • I don't have a tarot deck and I have never done it before. Will this course help?

    We show you how to find a deck. Also you do not need to have any experience to start doing Tarot readings using the information in the course.

Your Guides

Erich Hunter helps empower people to improve their lives and experience more joy, health and abundance by using their pendulums.

He is the author of several books on Pendulum Alchemy & Healing and is a designer of high vibration pendulums.

He is dedicated to bringing you awesome, cutting-edge information to improve your manifestation and healing practice.

"I witness you having great success with Tarot with Pendulums."

Rafael Martínez is an experienced Energetic Healer who helps people to feel greater well-being, health and harmony in their body, emotions, mind and spirit. He enjoys accompanying people in their healing processes, helping them regain love and confidence in themselves, leading them to strengthen the certainty they need to achieve what they want in their lives. 

With his experience, he has managed to integrate various techniques that facilitate the healing process, the development of consciousness and spirituality. As a "Soul Specialist", Rafael also provides people with messages that give them greater clarity to better face and resolve their concerns, and helps them to broaden their perception to consider new possibilities in their lives, through his magical tools, like pendulum, tarot, runes and akashic records, in this way, awareness is also healing.

"This is the course that unites the magic of the tarot and the pendulum to take you to the next level."

"AMAZING! I learned so much and I am excited to begin applying Pendulum Alchemy to the Tarot. Tons of amazing information and examples. WELL WORTH THE COST! " Dawn H.

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