Learn the Secrets of Magick

Do you want to learn powerful magickal practices?

Are you ready to make your life better and feel empowered?

Would you like to influence reality in beneficial ways?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then this course is for you.

The Practice of Magick

In this course we will explore high consciousness magick that compliments Pendulum Alchemy.

The magick can be used to get fantastic results to help you feel empowered and make powerful, positive changes in your life.

Each lesson includes both practice and theory so that you get a deep understanding of each topic while knowing exactly how to carry out the magickal procedures for your maximal advantage.

I have personally used all the techniques taught in the program with great success.

Benefits of the Course

Quickly learn effective, safe, high consciousness, cutting-edge magick techniques without having to read lots of books or be initiated into a secret society.

Have the power to influence reality towards the outcomes you desire in ways that are for the highest good of all.

Feel empowered during these challenging times.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    The Practice of Magick

    • The Practice of Magick

    • The Ethics of Magick

    • Sun Magick

    • Moon Magick

    • Candle Magick

    • Sigil Magick

    • Yoga Magick

    • Law of Attraction Magick

    • Third Eye Magick

    • Astrocartography Magick

    • Numerology Magick

    • Prayer Magick

    • Spell Magick

Everything in the course comes from my personal experience and unique perspectives on these topics and contains secret knowledge and insights that cannot be found in books nor on the internet.


  • Is this program "white" magick?

    All of the magick taught in this course is at a high consciousness level in the sense of David Hawkins and is intended for the highest good of all concerned. No harmful, or so called "Black" magick will be taught.

  • Does this magick involve conjuring of spirits?

    No spirit or daemonic magick will be taught.

  • Is this a pendulum course?

    This course is meant to teach magickal techniques that you can use to supplement your pendulum work. We do not focus on pendulum in this program and instead cover other methods in addition to pendulum.

  • Is the course pre-recorded?

    Yes. The course consists of video lessons that you study on your own time and at your own pace.

  • Can I ask questions during the course?

    Yes. You can ask questions and start discussions in the course. I will answer your questions and help guide you to learn magick.

  • When does the course start?

    It is open now for study.

  • Have you tested these methods out yourself?

    I have personally used all the techniques taught in the program with great success.

Would you like to some magick in your life?

If yes, please join now

One successful application of the magickal techniques learned could pay for the course many times over and help make your life filled with good luck and abundance.

This is an awesome program. Will you join us!

Please note: Some topics require discussion of adult concepts, e.g. sexual energy, and may not be suitable for all audiences.