Pendulum Healing for the Past & Future

Many of life’s challenges come from past events. We also face uncertainty in the future that has not happened yet. In this course, we will teach you ways to use your pendulum to heal the past, present and future in the dimension of time.

We call this "Time Machine" healing a reference to the classic novel by H. G. Wells. In that book, he popularized the idea of time travel by using a vehicle that allows an operator to travel forwards or backward in time. For us, the "vehicle" for time travel will be the pendulum that will allow us to "travel in time” and do profound healing work.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Time Machine Healing 2.0- Extended Version with New Protocols & Perspectives

    • Welcome to the Course & Instructional Handout

    • Simplified Time Machine Healing

    • Photograph Journey Time Machine Healing

    • Serenity Prayer- Time Machine Healing

    • A Message from the Future- Time Machine Healing- Part 1

    • A Message from the Future- Time Machine Healing- Part 2

    • Healing Your Heart Chakra Through Time- Detailed Method

    • Healing Your Heart Chakra Through Time- Rapid Method

    • Time Machine Healing for Missed Opportunities to Speak

    • Express Time Machine

    • Time Machine Healing to Change the End of a Story

    • Bonus Time Machine Method

    • Time Machine Healing Practice Review

    • Share Your Success Stories- Get Inspired!!!

Benefits of Time Machine Healing

Feel better today by healing longstanding issues deeply rooted in the past.

Do healing work in the future to make your present situation better.
Be empowered knowing that your past and future don’t define you and that healing and enjoying the present is possible.

Have a better quality of life as you get more of what you want in ways that are for the highest good of all concerned.


  • When does the course open for study?

    It is open now. Sign up and study now.

  • I took your previous course on Time Machine Healing. Is this course the same?

    Great question. This course is completely updated and revised with new protocols that were not in the previous course. That is why we call it version 2.0. It is essentially a brand new course that is not the same as the previous course. So you will benefit from taking it even if you took the previous version.

  • Is the course live or pre-recorded?

    The course is pre-recorded. Once it is open for study you can view it online as much as you want at any time of the day that works for you.

  • Will I get a handout?

    Yes. You will get a detailed 21 page handout to support you with both learning and practicing the different Time Machine Healing protocols you will learn.

  • Can I ask questions during the course?

    Yes absolutely. We love questions and really encourage you to ask questions in the course. All questions will be promptly answered

Your Instructors

Erich Hunter helps people create magick in their lives through the power of Pendulum Alchemy & Healing. He is a published author and designer of custom high vibration pendulums. Learn more

Robin Schade assists people with communicating with loved ones who have passed so that everyone can find peace and happiness in this life and beyond. She is also an expert dowser and animal communicator who helps people find lost pets. For the last 6 years, Robin has been a moderator of the Pendulum Alchemy Facebook Group and she is a co-creator of the Effective Dowsing system and several other courses with Erich Hunter including Decision Making with Pendulums, Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Investigation, the Pendulum Mentoring Circle, among others and she has been actively involved in the fields of Pendulum Alchemy & Healing, paranormal investigations and mediumship.

Clarissa Barrazza offers high vibration healing sessions to help unlock your true potential by harmonizing your heart with your mind so that they work together to allow you to joyfully follow your Life Path and manifest your true desires. She is the creator and co-developer of the Resonance Healing with Pendulums technique- Learn more

Syed Ajmal helps people get back into energetic balance which contributes to overall health, financial abundance, healthy relationships, and well-being. He combines Pendulum Healing with Reiki, Astrology magic, and traditional Arabic/Islamic healing methods using prayers so that people feel better. He is the creator and co-developer of Pendulum Tuning.

A Review of the Previous version of the Time Machine Healing Course

"It's been one of the best courses that I've taken. I've been upset over my niece & our relationship- using  my pendulum, I asked to be taken back to the time where something interrupted my niece's and my relationship- then I commanded all blocks be removed to whatever the issue was and to then replace with the love that I know my niece has for me and that I would hear from her shortly. I exaggerate none, 2 hours later my niece did call. There is some issue there which I still don't know, but at least we're talking. I'm now working on what that issue is. This course is beyond wonderful. Erich keeps these types of courses going. If you're reading this, and have not taken this class, sign up now."-Marlene S.

Are you ready to use your pendulum to heal your past and future for a better day today?

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