Time Machine Healing with Pendulums

Have You Ever Wanted to Change the Past?

In this course, I will teach you how to influence past events using your pendulum to bring about healing in the present.  

I call this "Time Machine" healing a reference to the classic novel by H. G. Wells. In that book, he popularized the idea of time travel by using a vehicle that allows an operator to travel forwards or backward in time. For us, the "vehicle" for time travel will be the pendulum that will allow us to "travel in time"  to go and heal the past.

Course curriculum

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    Time Machine Healing with Pendulums

    • Welcome to Time Machine Healing with Pendulums.

    • Time Travel Technique

    • How to do a Time Machine Healing with Pendulums

    • The Theory of Time Machine Healing with Pendulums

    • Time Machine Healing with Pendulums Review


Feel better today by healing longstanding issues deeply rooted in the past.

Be empowered knowing that your past doesn't define you and that healing and enjoying the present is possible.

Get to the root cause of issues bringing relief.


  • Is this course pre-recorded?

    Yes. For your convenience, it is pre-recorded so that you can watch the videos at any time.

  • Do I get a handout?

    Yes, I provide an instruction handout.

  • Can I really heal past issues?

    Both my students and I have had amazing results after using this technique during Pendulum Healing work.

Are You Ready to Heal the Past?

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"It's been one of the best courses that I've taken..."

It's been one of the best courses that I've taken. I've been upset over my niece & our relationship- using my Hunter Healer pendulum, I asked to be taken back to the time where something interrupted my niece's and my relationship- then I commanded all blocks be removed to whatever the issue was and to then replace with the love that I know my niece has for me and that I would hear from her shortly. I exaggerate none, 2 hours later my niece did call. There is some issue there which I still don't know, but at least we're talking. I'm now working on what that issue is. This course is beyond wonderful. Erich keeps these types of courses going. If you're reading this, and have not taken this class, sign up now."-Marlene S.